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I tried a fitness tracker ring. Here are my thoughts.

Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

Full disclosure: A fitness tracker is not usually my thing.

原因:第一,美观往往是可怕的:大量的橡胶镀金塑料,和笨重的外壳,我从来不关心。其次,我有点简约的,当谈到珠宝。我几乎想穿realbracelets, let alone layer “smart” ones in into the accessory story. Third, comfort is always an issue: Wear them too lose and they can’t capture your heart rate or sleep patterns; tighten them, and… they’re too tight and sweaty and I tug them all day. Sleeping in them? Forget about it. Too bulky to be comfortable.

这是从别人谁买过来(和销售/返回)two Apple Watches, and tested several others, never being able to fully enjoy wearing them daily, in spite of all the perks of notifications and apps on my wrist. I should note that I’ve also tried the trackers you clip to your clothes. And have accidentally killed too many of them in the laundry to count.

Here’s the final reason I don’t love them: There’s something about wearing one’s preoccupation with fitness on one’s wrist that triggers me. I don’t really want people to know that I’m counting my steps all day or so obsessed with my physical fitness that我穿的东西。我敢肯定,这不是在为大多数人都一个问题,它只是似乎过度给我,或者也许它从来没有被很对我的激励。



Motiv Smart Ring

First, the fit



So, let’s talk about the design. The titanium shell made the ring super lightweight, which meant it didn’t take long for me to get used to it on my finger. It更厚的环比我通常穿的,但他们是如何适应那么多的技术在这样一个狭小的包是超越我!钛金属是很轻的,但可以容易更多的磨损比其它较硬金属。我穿我的戒指了几个星期,它看起来很棒,但如果我购买了它,并打算穿它更长的时间,我会关注的划痕。

Motiv防水po(又名你可以穿它ol, ocean, shower, washing your hands) and it has an internal memory that stores up to three days of data. This means you can ditch your phone while you head into hot yoga or go for that jog, and it will log and sync all your data to your smartphone the second it’s back in range.



How to charge a device this small has been thought out beautifully. There’s no trap door to open or cable that you have to shove inside. Simply place the Motiv on USB stick that comes with the device, and it clicks into place with magnets. I wore my ring 24 hours a day, and the battery lasted nearly four days before it required a charge (the Motiv website promises three). I simply charged it when I woke up, and by the time I was showered and ready to start the day, it was topped up (it only takes 90 minutes to get fully juiced).

Fitness Tracking

Motiv’s app shows you your daily snapshot in the form of Fitness, Sleep and Resting Heart Rate “cards”. The app is beautifully designed; Click into a “card” to get more information, say, detailed step and heart rate data for each activity. Help the app clarify your activities by assigning types (like rowing, spinning or dog-walking) and level of exertion. Once you add descriptors, the activity shows up in your activity “timeline,” which is very visual and nice to behold at the end of each day.


In terms of logging detail, it definitely doesn’t go as granular as other fitness trackers I’ve seen, but I kinda like that— too much detail usually frustrates me, or I end up ignoring it. Also, Motiv also won’t track continuous heart rate throughout the day, only your resting heart rate (RHR) and while doing activities.

Sleep Tracking

One of mybiggestpet peeves with other sleep trackers is that you必须告诉它你要去睡觉。我从来不曾想起做到这一点,并在上午一度受挫时,它记录了没有about my night. Motiv knows exactly when you fall asleep—you don’t have to input a thing—and it will keep tabs on your resting heart rate while you snooze, along with your wakefulness, and restlessness throughout the night. That’s it for detail though; Motiv won’t let you know when you were in deep, light or REM sleep like other fitness trackers.


I also learned that taking a reading from your finger, where people tend to have less hair and fewer tattoos than their wrists, makes for a more accurate heart rate reading. Who knew?

Final Thoughts

环没有振动,没有指标,没有屏幕或者你可以在你穿着它 - 只是一个简单的LED灯,让你知道它是同步的应用程序,或充电读取数据。我个人是这样的:我可以过我的生活,不是我的体能斤斤计较,而不是看数据,直到我准备好了。Again, because it has room to store data for up to 3 days without syncing, I don’t even have to have my phone with me to know that it’s capturing my every move, so I can enjoy nature, go for a swim in the ocean, all while being disconnected.

Motiv可199 $的iPhone,以及最近添加苹果卫生一体化;虽然MOTIV的“活跃分钟”指标不完全翻译,其他像心跳会转移过来。它也为Android,这是一件好事,最近公布。无论您使用的手机,你有45天与它的退款保证尝试一下。


What do you think: How do you feel about fitness trackers? And would you trade yours for a ring? Let me know in the comments.